A Berry Good Day…

Interview with Capital FM’s very own Dave Berry…

Life is good for TV and radio personality Dave Berry. At just 29 he has a string of television credits under his belt and is now also conquering the radio waves on London’s Capital FM. As well as a successful career Dave is looking forward to moving in with long term girlfriend, the stunning Heidi Range of the band The Sugababes. So what is it like being Dave Berry? I went to his studio at Capital FM to find out. Upon arrival, former model Berry comes to the reception personally to meet and greet, wearing a smart jumper and casual jeans. He cheerily escorts me in the lift to the studio on the 3rd floor where I meet his producer Paddy. During a few back-to-back songs, we find time to chat about “A Day in the Life of Dave Berry”.

“Usually, I have to admit, I don’t get up until around 11 o’clock. I love sleeping and I always end up going to bed very late! Thankfully my job allows me to avoid getting up early!

“I came into town and had a meeting with Xfm, here at the Capital Building about a new rock and roll comedy idea. It was cool as I met some new exciting people, my friend Alex Zane does the breakfast show on Xfm and he asked me to come in.

“After the meeting I went to Golden Square in the West End where I watched the new blockbuster ‘The Golden Compass’ starring Nicole Kidman and Mr Bond himself Daniel Craig. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read the books but I’m aware this film has been widely anticipated. It’s a good film, really enjoyed it, but there was one thing about it I found irritating. The actress who plays the main character (Lyra) reminded me a little bit of Dick Van Dyke in ‘Mary Poppins’ with her false cockney accent. She clearly went to a drama school and slips in and out of her accent occasionally.

“The reason I saw the film is that I was hosting the ‘T4 Movie Special’ and had to go and do what is called a movie junket for the film. A movie junket is where the press watch the film and then go and interview the stars of the movie. So I went along to Claridges hotel and met the director Chris White, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. I’d never met Nicole Kidman before so that was quite exciting. I also met former ‘Bond girl’ Ava Green – possibly one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. It was quite pressured as we only got four minutes each with them. The funny thing was that Nicole Kidman was really flirtatious, which was really nice. However, when I told my girlfriend later on about Nicole Kidman’s flirting she seemed really nonchalant. I said ‘Honey, if you told me that some sexy Hollywood star was coming on to you I’d be really jealous’ and she replied ‘I don’t think there’s any chance of you running off with Nicole Kidman Dave!’

“When show went out on TV a bit later on her nan rang her and said they thought Nicole Kidman fancied me! That’s a job perk, having a little flirt with Kidman!

“Later that night I went to the Odeon in Leicester Square for the world premiere and hosted it.

“I then went to the pub afterwards to meet with my girlfriend. We’ve just bought a flat so we decided to meet and plan how to decorate it. After two hours and a few pints we eventually decided on wooden floors and white walls! We then went back to hers and watched ‘Hostel 2’, possibly the worst film ever, in bed on her portable DVD player. It’s important to separate work from your private life, keeps everything balanced.

“My job has many advantages. I’m very fortunate to be doing the job I do, as I said earlier it doesn’t involve many early starts! I didn’t go to university so having midday call times allows me to have my own student lifestyle – sleeping until midday and eating beans! Most other presenters use that time to go to the gym or do something useful, but I like to use my mornings to sleep! I get to work with and meet great people from all sorts of places.

The worst aspect of my job is the anxiety I get from waiting for a show I’ve done to be broadcast on TV, hoping it looks ok and sounds like I know what I’m on about. It’s awful when it plays out and you realise it’s not as good as you remember it being! It happens with the radio show occasionally too! There are highs and lows – like any job.

“My advice for anyone out there who wants to be a television presenter is to be yourself. If you aren’t yourself from the offset you’ll get found out very quickly. I learnt this from my first job at Nickelodeon – at the auditions I met a guy who was called John and he seemed really nice and we chatted for ages. When it came to the audition he suddenly switched and it was like he was someone else – really over the top! There is no need to be over the top. Be yourself. I like to think the guy on the TV and radio is the same guy I am in the supermarket!”

With that, Dave bounds back off into the studio to do his next link. The best quality Dave Berry has is the fact he is totally genuine. He smiles and takes life as it comes, and loves every second as if it could be taken away at any moment. There are exciting times ahead, and it looks as if he has a bright future.


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