Big Bother…?

…oops – i meant big BROTHER.
Oh. Sorry. Too obvious a pun?
Seriously – what is the fuss all about?!
If I wanted to watch people picking their noses then I could just turn around and watch the people in my living room picking their noses whilst watching other people picking their noses… OK my housemates would kill me for suggesting they do such things – they don’t – but I’m sure you get the picture…
Plus is it just me or are the contestants becoming more and more obvious publicity stunts? A blind person and an albino? It doesn’t matter whether you are interesting or not – as long as you belong to a minority of some sort you can be on Big Brother… There is some woman in there (I really should do my research and find out her name… but you still won’t know who I mean anyway because she’s NOBODY) and she INSISTS on screaming. A lot. Now, most girls scream at the most inappropriate things, but again, I can just call my parent’s house and listen to my three mad siblings scream if I wanted to. But I don’t. Because I hate screaming. Why do people insist on watching these programmes? Why?
Is there nothing better on tv? Ok, true there isn’t. I’m sure everyone can relate with the eternal problem of trying to find something on the television. Endless channel hopping over potentially hundreds of channels. Why is no one in TV land doing anything new?
Well the problem is that because so many people WATCH the crap, the suits who have “creative” control over these matters think thats what is wanted. I declare that we boycott crap. . Here’s a crazy thought – lets switch those TVs off. For one night only. Make the ratings be ZERO. Maybe executives will listen then. I’m tired of people declaring how much they hate tv at the moment and how boring it is watching the same episodes of ‘Friends’ over and over… and then flip over to E4 anyway.
Perhaps I’m being an old fogie at the ripe old age of 21. Or maybe I’m just too mouthy and grumpy for my own good. Maybe Big Brother isn’t so bad.. I’ll just switch on the TV and see what the people in the house are doing now, incase I’m wrong…
…oh my goodness can’t that woman TURN HER VOICE DOWN? Oh and look, there’s a bloke in the corner picking his nose….

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