I B-loco!

How refreshing! A night out in the rather subdued surroundings of Kentish Town turned up trumps!
After arriving and forking out an immense £5 for entrance fee (pretty damn steep outside WC1 if you ask me…) I must admit my expectations were high…

First up were the summery cool sounds of Jazica, a tight four piece from Southampton. It has to be noted that their coastal beginnings are apparant throughout their sound, even in the rockier songs. Excellently headed up by the very talented singer Frankie, who just oozes the sexy girl-next-door vibes with her breathy voice.
Sadly not many were present to see this great opening act. Infact, it was a travesty of the venue (tsk tsk Bull and Gate bookers… shame on you) to put such a great act on first. But the atmosphere was really nice. Intimate with the small crowd watching.

What was brilliant though was Jazica’s refusal to let up and gave their set 110% throughout!
Special mention to guitarist Chris for the amazing metal-styled solo on his knees. Nice one Chris…


The song that ended their set – “Boy” will be the smash hit single I promise you… I can see the crowds at Glastonbury already… it’s Lily Allen meets Bloc Party – edgy cool electro-pop. I was so overwhelmed by their energy (and possbily also by half a bottle of wine) I decided to join the band onstage!
A rare public appearance – well worth the exposure of my awful chicken-like dance routine…

I’ll admit the second act didn’t entice me to stay for their whole set. I will not embarrass them by naming them nor waste time and space by going into deep detail… let’s just say Bon Jovi called. They want their denim waistcoats back.

However, upon overhearing that the final act had over 10 drummers on that tiny stage, almost had me RUNNING back into the room… TEN DRUMMERS. I kid you not. B-Loco (pictured below Jazica) were on fire this evening. Storming through a 25-minute set, that can only be described as a party on fast-forward, I was hooked from start to end. Watch out for them… fantastic…


And so I go off to bed feeling satisfied this week.
My faith in live music restored… there is fresh stuff out there… scattered amongst naff psuedo 80’s fuzz-guitar noise (again sorry second band… the truth hurts.)


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