“Can you leave me alone, like 100%?” – Download 2010

Last weekend marked the kick off to the start of my festival season. The first festival to be graced with my brilliant tea making skills was Download 2009…

Along with an amazing line up (if you’re into the whole ‘metal thing’) it was also one of the most eventful weekends I’ve worked on… with lots of crazy things seen and even crazier people met…
So Friday I rock up with my thermals and wellington boots (yes, it did end up being the hottest weekend ever… (the “drag-your-wellies-to-a-festival-and-you-won’t-need-them” theory proved yet again!)
Looking across the festival site filled with people and one was greeted by a sea of black. Beautiful.
So my job on this particular festival was to collect set lists from the bands for the directors etc… not as easy as it sounds…! In order to acheive my goal of getting set lists I had to complete all sorts of missions, from blagging free jaegermeister for a roadie to watching a prepubescent band get free tattoos to watching a certain gothic rocker’s dressing room door get gaffa taped up (while he was apparantly inside it). Phew. What a weekend.
Special shout out to my special friend I made at Download. I noticed a dude who looked like the 80s had thrown up on him being interviewed. The excitement that rose within when I noticed his on of his leather trouser legs had “Lexxi” sewn on in sequins cannot be described in words. I approached another 80s throw back, who turned out to be Michael Starr, lead singer of Steel Panther.
Anyway, so I asked Michael Starr why his band mate had my name on his pants and his response was epic: “Wooooaaaaahhhh!” (yes, just like something out of Waynes World) and as he grabbed my arm and started to drag me towards his band he started to bellow: “Duuuuuuude! This chick, like, totally has your name!”

Steel Panther are legends and I highly suggest you (after finishing your visit to lowflex!) click on Steel Panther’s Website to be introduced to the BEST thing to come out of Vegas since the Killers. These guys are comedy genius and are hitting the UK for a tour in September, check them out!

To sum up the rest of my hightlights in the best possible way without breaching my confindentiality contract tooo badly I present to you the annual Download Awards 2009 (according to Lexi Rose…)

Best Song Title:

“Spread Legs, Not Lies” – The Blackout

Modern poetry… and a powerful message too. Well done lads…
Best overheard quote:
Wes from Limp Bizkit: “Can you leave my alone, like 100%?” – this was shouted at Limp Bizkit’s manager after he’d swung the door open to reveal Wes was in a pair of y-fronts coating himself head to toe in black body paint… whilst I stood behind him waiting patiently for the set list. Not joking, this was very awkward yet hilarious.

Best Band Name:
Five Finger Death Punch
(Special mention for runners up: Lawnmower Deth… amazing effort)
Well done to Five Finger Death Punch, what a name! Nicest men in Hardcore Death Metal too…

Best Outfit:
Lexxi Foxx from Steel Panther (obviously! I want Lexxi leather pants too!)

Most Rock and Roll moment:
When discussing with Five Finger Death Punch about my idea to get a tattoo of a smiley face on the bottom of my big toe (chill out Dad, I didn’t…) the heavily tattooed rockers all simultaneously responded “oowwww that would reeeeeallly huurrrttt…”

And finally a special mention for the efforts of Marilyn Manson – for demanding his own private toilet… which ended up being a portaloo stuck right outside his dressing room in the middle of the backstage area with a piece of paper stuck to it declaring “MANSON ONLY”… brilliant effort from Mr Manson there….

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