The revolution will not be televised…

…because television is  officially dead.

Like those who recall where they were when Kennedy was shot, I, Lexi Rose, will indeed remember where I was when I heard the tragic news that television was well & truly dead.

 June 20th 2011 whilst eating my lunch at my desk, the news started to leak of television struggling. Headlines whisper rumours that dreaded MTV series Geordie Shore was spreading and forming a new strain of reality bullsh*t in the guise of Mersey Shore.

Why?! Why do TV executives have to be so lazy?

 What good will come of yet another bunch of drunken attention seeking twenty-somethings invading television screen?

 Then mere minutes later reports of a further twist of the knife came, confirming the death of television.

Even worse, television commissioners are now helping a home-wrecking-equally-attention-seeking-twenty-something, who is well past her allocated 15 minutes, to find a man. Do I care? No!

 Sure, the echoes of the age old argument of “well don’t watch it then” roll around but what’s the point in ignoring the issue?

 Boring, uncreative, unqualified TV executives are slowly strangling what could be a very important channel of communication. A unique medium that can help build minds, inspire and create a whole generation of thinkers.

 Television was a wonderful creation. And it today we mourn the loss of not only the hundreds of far more worthy formats that are hitting the paper shredder but also any last shreds of respect and creativity associated with television programme making. The minute particles of dignity left in television are now officially being squashed under the heavy sweating bodies of overly sexual Scousers.

For those unfamiliar, my post is named so (despite slight irrelevance) in homage to Gil Scott Heron who sadly died last week.  Have a listen and enjoy his wisdom below:


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One response to “The revolution will not be televised…

  1. Adam

    So, effectively, I think we can agree that, sadly, ‘ The Television Will Not Be Revoloutionsed ‘ !!!!!!

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