BSKYB’s the limit…

Newscorp already owns all of these, do we really want them to control even more?!

People! We have 48 hours left to bombard Jeremy Hunt & his cronies with pleas not to give away our country’s biggest privately-owned broadcaster to the Murdoch machine.

Bskyb is a very powerful commodity to someone like Murdoch and if he succeeds in his 100% take over the result will be a blanket media owned by News Corp. BECTU has stated in their opposition to the takeover bid; “We reiterate that the merged company would be the largest private media company ever seen in the UK, predominating over every other British media organisation and with a reach across all significant media platforms. If this does not give legitimate grounds for competition concerns – whatever would?”

Newscorp’s domination of the media will allow less editorial control up to individual news desks and therefore suffocate the voices of many who need to be heard.

Not to mention the fact that our media would be majorly influenced by the team behind the biggest phone hacking scandal. Along with politicians, royals and A list celebrities it has been alleged the phones of Milly Dowler & the families of the Soham murder victims were also hacked, just in case a scoop could be had and exploited by invading their privacy at such a distressing time.

What sort of editorial judgement is that?! Why would we want Rebekah Brooks being in a major position of power over our media if that is her idea of generating news?

Jeremy Hunt needs a push in the right direction. The online campaign has generated over 100,000 signatures in the past two days and aims to have 200,000 by the deadline in 48 hours.

There has been major concern voiced over whether Hunt will make an informed decision or not. BECTU has said “Judging by his actions, rather than his words, we see no basis to accept the Secretary of State’s claim that he is ‘committed to maintaining the free and independent press for which this country is famous’. On the contrary, we believe his actions and decisions will seriously undermine media pluralism in the UK.”

If you, like me, want to keep at least a fraction of our press free and fair – a British institution we used to be proud of – then please simply sign your name to a mass letter to Jeremy Hunt NOW. Stop the BSKYB take over bid – just click below, it’ll only take a minute to make a massive difference to our media’s future.


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