Teenage kicks…

Heatham House massive.

Why is it that councils feel the best way to cut costs and save money is to target the small community projects?

I used to travel all the way to Twickenham to go to Heatham House when I was 15. Every other Friday of the month I could go and watch bands at Heatham House. I’d travel all the way there as there wasn’t anything else like it in my area. It gave us young people something to do, somewhere to go, rather than drinking cheap cider in the parks after dark…

The bands were the shaping of my passion in rock and alternative music, seeing the likes of Hundred Reasons and INME way before they wound up into issues of Kerrang! magazine.

My mum would happily drop me off knowing I was somewhere safe and would be looked after by the amazing team there (and their security guards) and I’d have a fun night feeling like an adult!

The council have earmarked the building for sale and want to move the project into a smaller, less equipped former post office and slash funding to the Heatham House projects, making a massive profit on the building and a saving by cutting funding.

While the council thinks this is a great saving, the major feeling that overcomes me is that of disappointment that a whole generation of South West London teenagers will be even more bereft than I was. With absolutely no where to go on a Friday. A whole generation of bands who won’t be able to cut their teeth in a venue aimed at their audience.

If you ever went to Heatham, or even if you didn’t but understand it’s relevance to local (and not so local!) young people then feel free to sign the petition below, the campaign has until August 4th to make a stand.


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