No Kung Foo-Fighting at this show.

Day 11 at iTunes festival was certainly one to remember. The Foo’s played an epic performance, dubbed by the many of the fans and media crammed into the Roundhouse as “the best Foo’s gig ever”.

Highlights of the night included Grohl leaping upon a bar at the back of the venue to perform an epic guitar solo, inviting Roger Taylor and Brian May up onto stage to play with them and also a stint with Lemmy of Motorhead!

But my ultimate highlight was the moment that I realised exactly why Dave Grohl has the Godly status in the rock world that he does. During the gig a fight broke out in the crowd and an innocent bystander caught up in it got punched in the face. Grohl immediately stopped the show and shouted “Hey. You don’t f**king fight at my show you a**hole. You. The guy in the stripey t-shirt. Hey motherf**ker look at me in the eyes, get the f**k out of my show right now. You don’t come to my show and fight. You come to my show and dance – you people came here to have a good time and he can f**k off.”

The cheers in support of Grohl were deafening and it was just one of those defining moments of rock legend that was a treat to witness!

The band stormed through their back catalogue with vigor reminding us all just how many great songs they have written over the years and how they’ve become greater, and the new songs such as Rope fitted right in.

The venue created an intimate affair but had the roar and energy of a massive stadium they are more used to playing. But you could sense the appreciation from the band itself to be playing to such a small close crowd of fans. The glint in Grohl’s eye was visible from the very back. They relished every moment.

The who’s-who of Rock was out in force to see the show. Joining Brian May, Roger Taylor & Lemmy were the likes of Jimmy Page, Nick Mason, Seasick Steve and the whole line up of Metallica to name but a few!

It was a Foo Fighters experience like no other, one of those shows you just know will go down in history as eventful, memorable and to use the word again – legendary.

Watch Dave jump up on the bar:


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