The Midnight Beast…

…Just Another Boyband? I don’t think so.

Since when did boy bands put on shows that involve dressing up as animals, sing rap songs about ninjas or have teletubbies on stage bumping uglies?

These goings on are just a taste of what to expect from a Midnight Beast gig.

The Midnight Beast are a modern phenomenon. Ever since late last year when a parody of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok appeared on youtube. It featured three loud mouthed blokes spouting outrageous lyrics accompanied by a hilarious video. It quickly went viral and became a massive hit. Even Ke$ha herself tweeted “holy. sh*t. this is better than my version.”

Since then these boys have been like a machine. Launching themselves into having over a quarter of a million fans and several million hits on youtube, they have released song after song, got themselves their own slot on MTV 2’s Gonzo show with Alexa Chung and taken the world by storm. All without the help of a major record or management deal.

The show opened with the three lads coming on stage wearing black dressing gowns to the sound of hundreds of screaming girls. The boys (Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely & Ashley Horne) drop the gowns not to reveal sexy underpants – they are instead dressed in animal themed jump suits (obviously).

They launch into a string of suitably in-your-face songs such as Booty Call, Lez Be Friends & new video Pizza In Ibiza.

In an age where young people are overwhelmed with pressures both socially and culturally to grow up fast, it was refreshing to see a room filled to the brim with people who just wanted to have fun.

The Midnight Beast have maintained the right balance, the songs are hilarious and the right side of silly. Yet they are slickly combined with an outrageous and well thought out live show. Every detail appears spontaneous and new, yet all falls together perfectly to form an entertaining show that the crowd lap up every second of.

Yes they are silly, the humour is immature and highly inappropriate. But that’s what being young is all about. They are like the Beastie Boys & the Lonley Boys met and had a loud, rude and crude baby. It’s fun, harmless and highly tongue in cheek. In a grim world full of woes it’s great to see such an upbeat show and it’s effect on their fans. Even after the show, a crowd of at least a hundred were crowding round the stage door awaiting their heroes.

I highly recommend you try to check them out this summer, they are headed for the big time. There’s something for everyone!

And if you meet someone who doesn’t get The Midnight Beast?

They must be a lesbian.


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