This Sshh is bananas…

I have a weird relationship with bananas.
I hate them.
I hate their taste.
I hate their smell.
I just feel somewhat uneasy about their overall appearance and existence.

Apparently I’ve never liked them. And no matter with how much subtlety you try, I can tell when you put them into my smoothies.

Friends think I’m ridiculous and “childish” for my hate of bananas. They have made me feel so silly about it I was thinking about giving the strange, yellow fruit another chance. Maybe this life-long hatred was something I was meant to have grown out of.

This notion abruptly ended today.

A little ‘harmless’ article on the BBC about using bananas as a form of measurement of exposure to harmful radiation has disturbed me greatly. I knew bananas contained potassium and all, but really?! So eating 50 bananas will give me the same amount of radiation as a dental x-ray?

Do I want a banana?

Err – no, you’re alright thanks.


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