A little help from my friends

One afternoon I had one of those major dilemmas. One that needed dealing with ASAP.

I knew only one friend would hold the solution. But my friend for some reason has banned me from ever mentioning her on my blog so she will instead be referred to as ‘The Legend’.


From: Lexi@lexirose.co.uk
To: The Legend
Subject: Help!

Dude. I’m having trouble naming all the members of S Club 7.

It’s starting to really bug me and is distracting me from my work, which could result in me being fired thus having the potential to make me homeless.

Obviously a mega problem.
Help me!


True to form The Legend came back with the perfect advice for my pickle.


From: The Legend.
To: Lexi@lexirose.co.uk
Subject: RE: Help!

Easy. All you need to do is think of the verse in the 1999 classic ‘S
Club Party’ to remember their names –

‘ Tina’s doing her dance, Jon’s looking for romance, Paul’s getting down
on the floor, While Hannah’s screaming out for more (ooh hoo!), Wanna
see Bradley swing, Wanna see Rachel do her thing, Then we got Jo, she’s
got the flow, Get ready everybody ‘cos here we go!’.


Problem solved.
And that is why she is my friend…


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