A follow up…

It’s been a bizarre 48 hours. I angrily posted a blog that has sparked over 2000 hits on my website, been published in the Guardian and resulted in over 150 emails/tweets and messages discussing the subject.  

No reply from Ricky but I wasn’t expecting one really. Although looks like many people have tried to alert his attention to it on Twitter!

Thanks to all those who have backed me over the past 48 hours, its been amazing to read your comments and thoughts. And thanks also to those who may not agree but appreciated my thoughts and added valid arguments to the discussion. Your sensible responses were gratefully received.

But also thank you to those who instead called me a mong, compared me to Hitler (?!) and merely just bombarded me with insults about my sister.

These people made me see I was entirely missing the point! To illustrate the point better I copy and paste word for word one of the many messages I received that showed me a the way many see this issue. I really couldn’t word it any better than this:

“stop bein so angry. were using new (RG’s) meaning of ‘mong’. means  tis ok2 call sum1 with a disabilty a mong, coz it just means sum1 whos stupid (sic)”

Oh. That’s alright then. My bad. Glad we straightened that out.


UPDATE: Ok Ricky Gervais and campaigner Nicky Clark had a very frank discussion this evening over “monggate” and Ricky has now responded in a very sincere and honest way. Thank you for all your comments on the matter that I feel is somewhat resolved as Ricky is no longer going to use the word mong. 

Read what happened ‘When Nicky met Ricky’ here:


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One response to “A follow up…

  1. Lilly Smote

    Oh how silly all of us!
    If only we had understood before thank goodness someone who writes so eloquently was able to inform you of your mistake.

    I think that message there sums up nicely the intelligence of people using that particular argument.
    Sorry you have received such rude comments about yourself & your sister, I am new to your blog today, but enjoyed it greatly.

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