Fuel For Thought…

The future of our country is slowly being moulded by the budget cuts. It is affecting us all. But when reading the newspaper yesterday I eventually came across an article hidden deep in the middle of the paper that revealed a group of people hit much harder than myself.

Although us young people feel we have it hard, I feel a responsibility towards those who are defenceless against the brutality of the cuts. Surely the budget shouldn’t target those who are struggling the most?

A new study has found that more people will die this winter as a result of fuel poverty than in traffic accidents. The Hills Fuel Poverty Review revealed the statistic that shows the real effects of the budget cuts going on.

It’s sad shocking that those hardest hit in these financially troubled times appear to be the most vulnerable. With Saturday’s protest against the disability funding cuts at the back of my mind it’s a worrying picture for the future of those who need society’s support the most.

Fuel poverty is defined by a household who have to spare over 10% of the household income for heating the house. Now with the fuel cuts, this amount can prove too much for impoverished households and some choose to cut down on heating or even food in order to get by, resulting in hundreds of unnecessary deaths a month. It is predicted up to 3000 people could perish as a direct result of fuel poverty.

The hardest hit group are the elderly. Age UK has expressed concern at the report results. It’s so important we support each other, especially in hard times like now. The elderly and the vulnerable need the rest of us to rally round and make sure they don’t become ill or die unnecessarily this winter.

If you want to get involved then Age UK have a fantastic campaign going on to try to raise awareness – as well as put an end to fuel poverty.

Everyone has the right to be warm this winter.


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