“A lot can happen in a day…”

This evening I discovered a long lost photo of the day I was most star struck.
I thought I’d share my tale of celebrity woe…

In my line of work I do meet a lot of pretty amazing people but never have I acted like such a fool as the day I met… Kiefer Sutherland.

So I’m at the concert for Diana. I am outside having a cigarette when a man asks me for a lighter.

I turn around. My heart jumps.


But I did my usual. I played it cool. Laid back. Chilled…

Jack Bauer: “So. What do you do?”
Lexi: “I’m a runner… err – what do YOU do?”
Jack Bauer: “I’m an actor”
Lexi Rose: “Oh really. Cool…”

This is where I should have stopped. Honestly this was where the “I have no idea who you are” game should have ended. But no.
Lexi Rose: “So… have you been in anything I’d have heard of?”

Stop it Lexi. STOP IT.

Jack Bauer: “Well, I’ve been in movies and stuff… but I guess I’m best known at the moment for a show called 24”

Lexi Rose: “Oh I think I’ve heard of that yes…!”

We chat casually for a few more minutes, me smugly thinking I’ve got away with it when suddenly my phone rings….

Do I have the Counter Terrorist Unit’s ringtone (as seen in 24) on my mobile?

Oh yes I do.

I run off bright red huffing and puffing with embarrassment. I hide from Kiefer all day until about 8pm when I bump into him in the hallway. He smirks as he sees me.

“Hi again. So… do you want your picture taken with me?”

I nod.

The end.


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One response to ““A lot can happen in a day…”

  1. mal

    This made us laugh so much!!!!

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