So I’m on my way home. It’s fairly late and I’ve had a long day. My head is spinning with my long to do list for tomorrow and my neck aches.

I desperately want my bed, hot water bottle and a bowl of spaghetti bolognese.

Earphones in and I blast loud music through my brain to zap my day away.

As I soar down the northern line the tube gets emptier and I finally get a seat.

A man sits opposite me. He’s tired too. We exchange bewildered eye rolls and settle into our seats. At the next stop another man drags himself onto the tube and sits next to my rolley eyes friend. He silently joins our club.

I notice as we progress that man on the right has nodded off. Bless.

As the tube leaves Clapham south the man on the left starts the rolley eyes thing. But he’s rolling them into the back of his head. Sleepy. Aaah.

Now both my companions are asleep. I look back down at my free paper.

When I look back up I see left sleepy man’s head is lolling about, he’s clearly not got much commuter snoozing experience.

Then something quite funny is starting to happen… is left sleepy man trying to snuggle with right sleepy man? Oh yes he is…

It starts with a head dangerously close to a shoulder… then head firmly rested on said shoulder. Oh – and then for some reason left sleepy man’s hand is creeping up to latch onto right sleepy mans forearm.

Amazing! A full on cuddle between strangers on the way home. How lovely. What’s more is right sleepy man seems to have embraced the cuddle with a satisfied grunt.

I sit and admire the scene until my stop. I smile all the way home.



I must confess just before I got off the tube I wasn’t quite ready to let the beautiful moment go… so I took a photo to cherish the memory.


Sorry sleepy men. But thank you for making my day end with a smile.


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