Getting off on the wrong foot…

…so this morning J was shocked to discover I didn’t know whether I was right or left footed.

I did not realise there was such a thing until he mentioned it. Due to the fact I am not a regular footballer or skate boarder I’ve never found out.

He was so surprised – and I think almost saddened that I didn’t know what my footing preference was – that he leapt up and was lining up things for me to kick on the floor. Partly over thinking which foot I’d use and the fact he’d lined up very bizarre objects such as a Reebok classic for me to kick meant we didn’t come to an ultimate conclusion.

So when I got home I decided to investigate how one goes about finding outwhether they are right or left footed. I may be alone in being not foot-aware but in case you have a similar dilemma to me I found a series of tests online that can help you discover for yourself.

Test One:

“Push a subject gently from behind, and note which foot is put forward to regain balance.”

(Thanks to my sister who was surprisingly happy to help this experiment.)

Test Two:

“Ask a subject to climb steps, and note which foot is placed on the first step.”

Test Three:

“Place a small ball (or in my case a pair of socks rolled up) infront of the subject. See which foot they use to kick the object.”

So there we have it – I am right-handed and left-footed.

According to statistics I found, the majority of right handers are right footed. So I feel special. It also could explain a lot about my accident-prone tendencies.

And also – just to add – scientists have discovered that parrots also are either right or left footed.



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February 19, 2012 · 9:46 pm

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