The Moon and the Sky…

Tonight is one of your last chances to see something really quite cool.

As a person who’s childhood ambition was to be the first lady on Mars (it could still happen as no ladies have yet been to Mars…) I was excited to hear that the three brightest things in the sky after the sun were all going to appear together.

A crescent Moon will be accompanied by Jupiter and Venus. The shot above was taken last night on my phone. Venus is next to the moon and Jupiter up the top.

If you catch it early enough this evening at sunset you’ll also might catch Mercury in the line up. Uranus (yeah yeah insert joke here) will actually be present as well but will only be visible between Venus and Mercury with the aid of a telescope.

So there you go – a little fact to impress someone in the beer garden with tonight.

I’d normally leave the “science bit” to Prof Brian Cox – but it’s Bri’s night off. Normal service will resume tomorrow.


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