Fix You.

When a loved one falls ill unexpectedly all sorts of stresses go through your mind. So it’s reassuring to know in this country we have an exemplary national health service that will support them through to recovery and give them the best care.

Yeah, yeah we all are probably guilty of having moaned about the NHS at times, but we are so lucky to have it. Especially when you compare it to other countries, such as the American system.

Which is why if you do one thing today click here and sign the petition that is being put forward to the Houses of Parliament tomorrow.

Just a minute of your time could help make a huge difference to how good the medical care we receive is.
Today is the last day to sign up and there are only a few hours to go.




Plans to reform the NHS are strongly opposed by the majority of those who work for it and are worried that by going ahead with it, we’re going to be putting our health in the hands of big corporations who are more interested in making a profit than our best interests.

Nothing run on the scale of the NHS will ever be perfect or run smoothly all the time but on the whole it works just fine the way it is.

We take the NHS for granted until we need it. Then it hits home how important it is.

And with a sister currently in hospital being cared for brilliantly by the NHS, I for one will fight to save it from permanent damage – I hope that perhaps you might join me.

Get well soon Betta-Boo x


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  1. Stanley Crocker

    This American knows that your health care system is to be envied. Were trying over here, were trying.

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