Mugged off.

So when I started doing the Capital Breakfast Show I adopted what is now my favourite mug.

Admittedly I stole it from Jazz FM and perhaps I love it way more than a normal person should love a mug. But when you get up that early and start to suffer from lack of sleep it’s the little things that matter.

It’s a nice sized mug with just the right width of handle so you don’t burn your fingers as you carry it. It’s wide so you don’t have too much spillage when you knock it and it’s got a thin edge just perfect for sipping hot tea. Plus it has a cool quote by Louis Armstrong on the back – what more could you want?

So imagine my shock and outrage one fateful morning when I discovered that someone else has started using my beloved mug.

It was as I arrived that I first saw him.
He walked past me carrying his tea in my mug!

He even had the audacity to smile at me, rubbing my nose in his superior mug victory. So, childishly, I started to hide it in different places in the kitchen so I could continue my morning ritual.

The other morning I couldn’t find it. Eventually I found the mug – sneakily tucked behind a box of cereal.  The cheek of it! How dare he start hiding the mug too. This meant war.

So I decided to hide it in a drawer in the office. Oh how smug I was feeling!

So that was that.
I win.

Imagine my horror this morning when I arrived to see him sat at his desk drinking out of MY mug!

How could this be? I accepted defeat, if he was so lame that he’d broken into my drawer to get the coveted Jazz FM mug then he wins. Game over.

I made my tea in a Smooth FM mug (just not the same) and went to get ready for the show.  I opened the drawer in the office.

I stared inside it for a minute.

I guess there must be two Jazz FM mugs.

Go figure.


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