I’ll be your sunshine.

Sunshine makes us happy.

It makes us feel secure in the knowledge, that even when it’s dark and cloudy – it’s somewhere behind the gloom ready to make us feel good again.

It’s a lot like friendship. They might not always be there, but they’re always close, waiting to be there when needed the most.

The good weather is about to turn again. But even beneath the stormy skies your friends are always there for you to keep you warm until the sunshine returns.

So when the black clouds gather over your head, remember there is always someone who will be your ray of light.


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One response to “I’ll be your sunshine.

  1. Loosey

    Yeah the sun is really great isn’t it? When it shines down it’s beautiful rays on my face I feel totally uplifted. It makes us feel so alive, which I guess makes perfect sense as it’s the source of all life.

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