Chasing penguins

Insomnia has kicked in a late night TV habit  that brought to my attention the great love story of the penguin, which caused me to melt into my pillow with happiness.

In case you wanted to know, the name is ‘pen’, Welsh for head and ‘gwyn’, the word for white.

A common known fact is that penguins mate for life. And stay loyal. Which is rare in the animal kingdom.

The Emperor Penguin breed is known for the fact that it’ll spend its life apart from their mate and once a year travel up to 70 miles to meet their partner. Once they arrive they call out for their mate by communicating at the a frequency unique to them to find one another, a little language of their own.

Then there is the ritual of a male Gentoo Penguin, who makes his feelings known by searching the beach for the perfect pebble from the beach and then lays it in front of his intended as a symbol of his loyalty.

Now that’s a lovely sentiment to finally send you off to sleep, hey?


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