Yeah, I got a question…

This evening I was in the pub having drinks with old friends I haven’t seen in years. Suddenly one friend is off to the bathroom at the same time as my other friends venture to the bar.
I’m alone.
A guy comes and sits at my table.
“Hi I’m Joe.”
“Hi Joe. Nice to meet you.”
“Would you sleep with me if I was dressed as a panda?”
His face didn’t move. No hint of a smile. Was he serious?
I was a bit baffled and not quite sure how to appropriately answer such a question.
Was it a joke I didn’t get?
Did he want a genuine answer?
Before I could work out how on earth to answer my friends return.
Maybe he’ll go away now they’re back.
“Oh Lexi. We see you’ve met our mate Joe then.”
We don’t speak of the panda incident for the remainder of the evening.

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