That’s one of the hardest things to get over. Being lost for words.

What you could have – or would have – said if you’d been more confident.

I was on the train home earlier and there was a boy sat opposite me.
He was on the phone.

I couldn’t help but over hear that he had just been told by a girl that she liked him. He was filling his friend in on the details.

“I didn’t say anything back.” he sighs, I can almost detect his disgust in himself. Then came the killer – “But I wish I had.”

There it is. The instant regret. He’s probably still replaying that moment in his head over and over wishing the words had come out.

It got me to thinking. How many times have we been in that position where we’re right in the moment and we don’t say what we feel.

I can think of many occasions where my mind turns into alphabet spaghetti – thousands of letters flying around but no words seem to form. Your feelings remain disguised.

I felt for the poor guy on the train… I hope he gets to say what he needs to. And I can’t stop thinking about the poor girl who got left without a response!

But what can you do if you are tongue-tied?

All that I can do is hope when the time comes, I’ll have the right words to say everything I want to.


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