Early morning stalker.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the kitchen at Capital nice and early when I saw him for the first time. I was so starstruck and in awe that I quickly finished washing up my mug and ran out.

He’s not only just an all round awesome man, he is one of my childhood heroes. I still have yet to pluck up the courage to introduce myself. I can now manage a nod in response to his daily “good morning” greeting to me. But I’m pretty sure all he thinks is that I’m a weird mute girl with a beetroot coloured face.

It also has transpired the window into his studio is opposite the kitchen so I spend most of my time in there trying not to stare at him. But do try to catch a glimpse of the great man at work. He definitely thinks I’m very odd.

But he has no idea how long I’ve been a fan. How long I’ve admired him from afar. He also probably hasn’t a clue that I still have a signed picture I got from him when I met him at the McDonald’s Drive Thru in Wandsworth when I was 11.

His name is Howard Hughes. And he was the news reader on the Capital Breakfast show with Chris Tarrant when I was a kid . A kid who used to dream that one day I’d get to work on the Capital Breakfast show. He works at LBC now. And there I am now at Capital fulfilling a childhood dream. Stood in the kitchen opposite one of my radio idols. And I can’t even muster a “good morning” back.

So Howard Hughes who reads the news
– as I can’t say it to your face –
just want you to know – I salute you.


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