Dreaming of Paris.

Will somebody please run away with me to Paris?
Just for a day?

I’ve been dreaming of it for the past few weeks.

We can get the train and arrive in time for breakfast, go eat croissants with confiture d’abricot at table outside a pavement cafe.

We can run up and down the cobbled streets watching the world go by, race each other up the steps of Montmartre or go chase our cares away in a basement jazz bar I last went to when I was 18.

Forget the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame.
I am not a tourist.
Today I want to be Parisian, absorb the atmosphere, the life of the city.

The food, the music and the romance!

Have dinner of moule mariniere and steak frites.

As the sun sets we can board the train again full of good food, wine and happiness and return to the lives we have once again.

I promise we’ll have a good time. The best time.
A day away from reality.

Will somebody please come with me to Paris?
Just for a day…?



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2 responses to “Dreaming of Paris.

  1. Reminded me of this little video I did a couple of years back!

    (and yes, I often read your blog, its great so keep it up!)

  2. Aaah Andy thank you so much & I love the video! So beautifully shot!
    Given me a good fix of Paris until I get to finally go back!

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