Rescue me.

A friend of mine is on the lock down.

“He’s the one. I know it. We are going to get married and have lots of babies. Well… maybe only two” she gushes over a pot of tea last week.

I smile politely. But my head is spinning. Is this my same angry man-hating friend I last saw a year ago?!

She has known him for only seven months. How on earth can she know this guy is her happy forever after?

I guess I’m a bit of a cynic at heart and I worry when those close to me build up these expectations. Especially her. She’s been through a lot, things that would be unfair of me to disclose. But trust me she has.

I feel protective of her. Having not met the guy I can’t judge too much, but it doesn’t make me less unsure. She’s been victim of some pretty shitty treatment in the past. She has even vowed in the past she’d never get married or even have children thanks to growing up in her own broken home.

“I’d lost hope that there was someone out there for me. Then he came along and he was there. And he wasn’t going anywhere. No matter how bad it gets. He will be there.”

I’m sat there with all these thought and doubts I want to express when she says something that stops me in my tracks.

“I believe in love again. I guess you could say he rescued me.”

Well you can’t argue with that.

Even if it doesn’t last forever (although of course I hope it does), the fact is my friend now believes she is capable of being in love. And that feeling will last a long time.

All we need sometimes is someone who can rescue our hearts.


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