Is it really about ‘The Voice’?

The BBC’s antidote to the Xfactor seems to be causing quite a stir following the battle round of the show.

I have to admit the show is not really my cup of tea but I did witness a couple of moments that have made me question if Jessie J et al really do just focus on The Voice at all?

The moment that absolutely appalled me was when Will.I.Am eliminated the highly talented J Marie Cooper from the show. It seems the decision to opt for the 17 year old (and in my opinion the weaker performer)  Sophie Griffin over J Marie was because of her youth.

Will.I.Am sadly came to this conclusion, despite other judges recognising J Marie as a stronger vocal.

Since when was being 27 considered old?!

I’m 25, am I now also destined to being branded ‘over the hill’ by the world around me? I should hope not.

But more importantly since when did age come into whether someone was talented or not. The show does not seem to solely take the vocals into account. For a show entitled ‘The Voice’ I was shocked.

I’ve come across J Marie a few times in the past and although I don’t personally know her she has always come across as an amazing grafter and dedicated artist. She’s driven and ambitious as well as a true talent.

This is not the last we’ll see of her. But what an absolute crying shame a show that is meant to be focusing on real talent at the end of the day can be so short sighted.


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