Don’t belieb what you hear…

At 3.45am when my alarm went off I was lying in my bed clutching my hot water bottle bracing myself for the day ahead.

The idea of spending my morning with Cirque de Bieber was filling me with dread. An image of bratty American teen idol was forming in my head and I couldn’t even imagine what stupid requests I’d get.

I worked with a Hollywood actor once and I was instructed not to look him directly in the eye. He then proceeded to talk to me via his PA and she was feeding back my responses to him – we were all stood within the confines of a lift and he could definitely hear my response the first time.

Anyway I digress. So I got up this morning, I fumbled about, got dressed and headed to the station. There were a couple of cold, tired looking girls already about ready for Bieber. At 5am.

By 7am some security guards who looked more like they belonged on the set of Men In Black than in our little radio station arrived to scout the building. Good grief. There are now about 50 girls hanging around…

8.15 and the Bieber fun bus pulls in. There are over 100 fans outside and more keep appearing.

Little Justin is looking fresh for someone who we were told had not had much sleep. Surrounded by a massive entourage of 15 people the hurricane came flying into the studio.

The Biebster’s phone has died. A charger is handed over and I watch as a security dude literally guards the phone as it charges.

Before I know it I’m ushered off to Maccy D’s to fetch Biebs “…some pancakes, maple syrup and 2 hash brown and two bottles of OJ.”

Upon my return I’m literally mobbed by the crowd of nearly 300 fans asking if that was for Justin. Because I’m mega funny I responded with “Justin who?”

The breakfast is delivered and I’m am thanked with a hug and told I have “beautiful eyes”. Cheers Biebs.

He is open and willing to chat to our DJs, cracking jokes and making conversation in between links. Then the interview comes and goes and the Bieber circus moves on to the next radio station.

All that is left behind is some post-it notes, a weird doodle on my show log and a box of half eaten pancakes. They’re now being auctioned off for Capital Fm’s Help a Capital Child charity.

Bieber to me seemed like a very sweet kid, surrounded by a tornado of chaos at all times. Contrary to what I’d heard or read about him, he was a pretty cool guy. It’s got to be hard to keep grounded in those circumstances, but he seems to be doing an alright job.


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