Crazy little thing called love

There is something about falling in love that turns people into irrational crazed lunatics who will do out of the ordinary things  in the name of love.

When I was sixteen I dropped my mini disc player whilst showing off at the skate park and it smashed. I could still play discs on it, but it had to be held together by masking tape and I could only change discs by dismantling the whole thing. A boy I liked went to a shop called Computer Exchange and traded in his beloved Game Boy for a second-hand mini disc player which he gave me for my birthday. It was a crazy thing for a computer games nerd to do and I fell in love instantly. It also had a minidisc compilation inside it of all my favourite songs and a sticker stuck on the bottom of the player that said ‘for the girl who can’t skateboard x’

 I found the minidisc player in a box the other day and it got me thinking about romantic gestures and how to make one special. I have compiled some ideas behind saying I love you – inspired of course by the trusty medium of the romantic comedy…

Be Thoughtful

Think of something that will be unique to the one you love. Like in the film Juno, when she realises she’s in love with her best friend Bleeker she feels the best way to express it is by filling his mailbox with tic tacs.

Say it with a song

There is something magical about saying ‘I Love You’. So when the time comes to say it, saying it with a song is not a bad idea. My favourite example of this has to be the plane scene from The Wedding Singer.

Any big declaration of love that comes in the form of a song called ‘Grow Old With You’ is going to melt a few hearts. And the fact Billy Idol orchestrates the whole thing makes it all the more ace.


Be Bold

Sure, exposing your heart to someone is a risky business. But if you’re going for it, why not really go for it? I hate to admit it but the scene in Never Been Kissed where Drew Barrymore is stood in the middle of a packed baseball stadium waiting for the man she loves to come and kiss her.  It’s so brave and bold – it gets me every time!

Comedy works

Keeping it light and making someone smile is a great way to win over someone’s heart. Just ask Heath Ledger – his rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You on the school PA system is just romantic comedy perfection.

The Element of Mystery

There is something exciting about a secret admirer, so why not elevate that excitement and anticipation by making your reveal a little bit mysterious. Amelie does this like an absolute pro in the movie, sending her love interest Nino on a treasure hunt around the streets of Paris…

Keep it Real

Oh man alive! The moment Julia Roberts in Notting Hill tells our Hugh that she’s ‘just a girl… standing in front of a boy…’ is so stark and shows how vulnerable we all are in matters of the heart. But keeping it real shows someone just how much you mean to them.

Love is a crazy thing.
It’s not meant to make sense. And it’s important we let our inner crazy person out every now and then. Because it could be the start of something so wonderful.

One of the most lovely moments ever in my life was when someone took the risk and revealed it had taken them years to pluck up the courage to talk to me. The fact he finally did won my heart over.

Remember, it won’t always have a happy ending. One of the craziest things I’ve ever done in the name of love is when unable to express it in person, I wrote it all down in the longest letter known to man. It had quotes and drawings and was painstakingly written to eloquently express my feelings. I never got a reply or know if he even read it, but it felt good to get it out there.

But remember – however you do it, whenever you do and whatever manner you do it in, you should go for it.

Because while there’s always the chance they won’t feel the same, imagine how great it will be when you find the one who does.

This piece is dedicated to two of my dearest friends who emailed me last night and announced they did the crazy little thing of running off to Vegas last week and getting married by Elvis in front of just two witnesses. It was the loveliest email I’ve received in years and very romantic!

I love you both and congratulations! x 


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