Every morning at 5am I’m greeted by a pile of newspapers. This morning’s Sun headline leapt out and made me almost spit out my coffee. It also made me momentarily wonder if I was still asleep.

Really?! Is this what we pass for journalism nowadays? Mocking a man who is fluent in several languages and is about to lead our England football team (hopefully to glory) and this is the support our media gives him!

Why are our newspapers filled with people who believe we want to read a paper that mocks and berates? We should be backing and supporting Roy, not mocking the way he speaks. No wonder we haven’t won the World Cup since 1966. We should be backing our own!

Shame on you Sun editorial team. Today’s paper isn’t even worth lining my cat’s litter tray with. Buck your ideas up.

And while I’m here a quick note to the Mirror; don’t worry I did spot your efforts too… equally hilarious. Well done.


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