You probably think this song is about you…

My sisters are all named after songs.

There’s my big sister (Sweet) Loretta (Martin) who’s namesake is from the Beatles hit ‘Get Back’. And also my younger sister Eleanor (Rigby). Last but not least is (Pictures of) Lily inspired by the Who’s song of the same title.

But for years it has annoyed me that I couldn’t find songs about Lexi. It feels like im not special enough to have my own song. It seemed unfair. I bet there aren’t that many Billie Jeans or even Jean Jeanies to merit their own song. The Jeans are spoilt for choice thinking about it…

But worry not.

For years I have scoured the earth and now thanks to the Internet I’ve finally found two ‘Lexi’ songs.

First I found Matthew Barber’s ballad simply named ‘Oh Lexi’. Admittedly it’s not quite what i hoped for in a Lexi song. But whatever you think of the song you have to commend our Matt. He has clearly gone out of his way to not use the obvious rhyme for Lexi.

Oh Lexi

“Oh Lexi
Get next to me
You texted me
Now I’m in ecstasy…”

Bravo Matt. It’s a good effort. But the lyrics are a bit pants.

Then I found the second song.

The Distorted Penguins’ ska punk tune “Sexi Lexi”. The song is great fun. There are trumpets and I think I can detect a hint of cowbell in there (which is my favourite instrument of all time.) Not only has it got my name in it, it harks right back to my energetic teenage years pogoing to the likes of Less Than Jake, NOFX , Rancid, No Doubt and Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

However no creativity points for the rhyming of Lexi – it has to be said. Also my namesake in this song appears to be a bit of a bitch which is unfortunate. I guess you can’t have it all.

My dream Lexi song would either be a gangster rap tune or heavy metal ballad I reckon. Or maybe a mixture of both! Regardless – I am delighted to declare the song world did not forget us Lexis.

Everyone should have a song.

Or two.


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