My new love…

…I have a new boyfriend.

He’s the most reliable of boyfriends. The best boyfriend I’ve ever had.

Always there when I need him, be it to liven up a dull moment, cheer me up when it all seems hopeless or just to keep me company.

When I’m excited or hyped up he makes me want to dance like crazy. When I want to relax he always seems to calm the mood.

When I’m blue and it’s all falling apart, I’ll run a bath and he’ll be there consoling me.

He doesn’t always get it right, but he tries hard to meet my every need. He may not cook me dinner or have a car to pick me up in the rain but it doesn’t matter.

Because being able to rely on him when it matters most is all that counts.

Music is my boyfriend.
And I won’t settle for anything less.



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