Heartbreak at Hyde Park

There are no words to describe how I’m feeling.
I can’t say I’m not hurt.
I can’t say I’m not disappointed.
For I am both.

After all the memories and the planning for this day you let me down. There I was that fateful Saturday morning dressed for the greatest day of my life and to my surprise you let me down. I was stood waiting for you all night to discover you only had eyes for another girl.

The pain of watching you dance with someone else to our song in front of everyone was agony. Like you wanted to flaunt my sorry situation.

But don’t worry about me Bruce.
I’ll hold my head high. You may not feel now was the time for us but I’m done waiting for you.
You had your chance.

One day I’ll be someone else’s Courtney Cox and he will be my Springsteen and I’ll be Dancing in the Dark happily ever after.  In my all American starred and striped trainers.

As for you and me?
We’ll always have Hyde Park…


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