Tatt’s Entertainment

So I thought it was time to share the day I spent in a tattoo parlour. Always a weird experience but my trip involved something extra special.

As I sat in the waiting room I noted an Italian couple sat next to me. Whilst they talked in broken English to the artist I noted they were both getting each other’s initials tattooed to their left hip in a heart.

I marvelled at their dedication and devotion to one another to get such a permanent reminder of their relationship. I was almost finding myself jealous of their love for each other.

Then my trail of thought was broken by being called into the back room. As I had the template of my ink sprayed on, the couple entered and occupied the chairs next to me. Then I lay down to begin the intense experience of having my first tattoo.

As I lay there in considerable pain I made small talk with Scott, who’s dad owned the place. But as I gripped on to the side of my chair I realised that the Italian couple were speaking really loudly.

They were actually arguing. Loudly.

As they screamed and shouted waving their arms around ranting in Italian at each other, the tattoo artists begged them to stay still as they each branded themselves with the other’s initials.

This actually amused me so much that I began to relax and ignore the pain I was in and gave the tattoo artist and I great material for our conversation.

They were both done before I was and stormed out of the parlour in silence, leaving us in the back room to snigger and marvel at what we’d just witnessed.

We’ll never know what the arguement was about as I cant speak Italian. Or what sparked it at such a poignant moment. But as you can imagine I’ll always wonder if they will stay together.

Or if they’ll both be googling ‘tattoo removal’ in a few weeks time.


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  1. James

    Just Italians I expect. None of the dull Britishness- always 7 out of 10. They can be totally in love one minute and completely furious the next!

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