Hug and Roll?

I love a good cuddle. Don’t we all? Apparently not. It seems to divide people the world over. But I cannot not believe there are such things as real cuddle haters out there. EVERYONE loves to be cuddled at some point. Anyone who states they don’t surely must be lying.

So a few months ago I find myself in a situation that brought the ‘to spoon or not to spoon’ debate into the spotlight. I was lying on a sofa strictly not cuddling with a boy I was seeing who ‘hates cuddles’. It’s still cosy and comforting on a rainy day to have a duvet session albeit cuddleless. I’m full of Sunday roast and ‘Dumb and Dumber’ is on the tv. It’s all very nice being snuggled up under a duvet watching the movie when he falls asleep.

I’m still watching the movie and in his sleep he suddenly clamps his arms round me and intertwines his legs with mine.

Im delighted! A cuddle! I’m now very snug indeed, being spooned and the comfort of a soft snore in my ear as he snoozes.

I have to admit the volume on the film is a bit loud and I actually would quite like to change the channel. But it is soon concluded that I am stuck. He has my arms pinned to the sofa – I am now imprisoned by the heavy limbs of my snoring-cuddle-hating capturer.

I’m also starting to feel quite hot. I wriggle a little but this just makes my sleeping beauty cling on harder, afraid I’ll escape. I can feel little beads of sweat forming on my forehead as I drown under the duvet.

Trapped. Feeling hot and bothered, stuck watching a rubbish movie.

Suddenly I get why people say they hate cuddles. I want to be free to sprawl, stick my legs out the side of the duvet to relieve my hot feet!

Torn between the impossible decision: disturbing the Sunday afternoon nap and ruining my first cuddle with the anti-cuddler, versus making a bid for my freedom was beginning to really stress me out.

But then again… Feeling his heart beating against my back, the way his arms move softly with his deep breaths, the gentle breeze of his breath on the back of my neck makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

For someone who is a cuddle advocate I should embrace this sudden turn of events. Perhaps he is becoming a convert. Maybe I have cured his fear of human contact?! So – ever so slowly, I shuffle myself round to face him.  Gently, I wrap my arms into his and carefully place my neck in the welcome space on his chest.  Just as I drift off, he awakens, freaks out throwing his arms outwards and I fly off the sofa.

“I’m so sorry Lex” he exclaims as he pulls me up off the floor. “…but you know I hate cuddles.”




I’m starting to think I do too.


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  1. Your writing is lovely and so easy to read! I’d be very suspicious of a cuddlophobe myself but some things come with time. The reformed anti-cuddler may way become the best spooner.

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