Someone tags you.
You’re it.
Then you leg it. Run as fast as you can towards the unknown, hoping to catch someone unaware, but afraid you’ll never get them.

Someone throws the ball to you.
You catch it.
You’re stood there holding it, heart pounding. Where is best to throw it from here? You lob it ahead of you to the desired target, praying it doesn’t miss. You don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands.

Someone tackles you.
But you don’t want them to take the ball. It’s yours to pass to someone on your side. And you want to do anything but score another own goal.

Someone fires a starting pistol.
And suddenly you’re running in a race.
Trying to beat others to the finish line and beyond. But yet again you find yourself just fighting to not be last.

All games are a battle and if you’re bad at sports you always seem to have to fight even harder. It seems some people feel life should be the same. Sometimes those battles just aren’t worth fighting. Some races you don’t want to win. And maybe you should just let some people run away.

Games should stay in the playground.
Because, to be honest, some of us just don’t want to play.


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