Take note…

The usual early Friday morning commute can be tough. So close, yet so far to the weekend. It can drive people to do crazy things.

As I got onto my tube and sat down, diagonally opposite me sat a very sweet looking guy. He had sandy hair, was dressed in a pinky red casual shirt and beige slacks. He had the air of a deep soul, with the biggest blue eyes. And was reading Ernest Hemingway.


I’m not sure what it was, but my eye kept being drawn towards him. I tried to not do it as I do have big eyes myself and I’m not very stealth in these situations. Sadly after only one tube stop I was bungled. Our massive eyes met over the carriage.

What do I do?
I laugh.
Out of no where.
To the point people are staring.

As well as turning scarlet I have to look at the floor to avoid his shocked face (his mouth is now slightly open).

This charade continues. It’s too late now. I have the full on giggles. I can’t contain them. It must be the Friday fever combined with looking like a total lunatic that caused the fit. My eyes are watering.

Poor bloke. He looks mortified. Desperately trying to read his book. And there I am laughing at him. He’s prob wondering if he has marmite on his face or something.

I need to fix this. I wanted him to feel better. I wanted to make him smile and realise how lovely I think he is.

So I thought about how this would play out in a movie. The more I thought about it, the more the Friday feeling took charge.

When a boy would do something like this I’d see it as romantic, does it look just merely girly & pathetic the other way round? I decided to test the theory.

I took my notebook and wrote out a note. (Yes, clearly we are all still at school in our hearts.)

I tore it out and as I got off the tube I composed myself enough to look him in the eye, smile and put the note on top of his book he was trying to read.

I wonder whether he found it romantic or pathetic? Would he think I was sweet or a psycho?

Who knows what he thinks? I didn’t think of a way to find out the conclusion of the experiment. Plus I have terrible hand writing so maybe he’s just puzzled.

If I didn’t come across as a hopeless romantic, I hope I at least made him feel better & passed on the Friday fever.



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One response to “Take note…

  1. Tom

    Why didnt you leave your number! Poor bloke now will never know!

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