Three Thirty.


I roll over and almost instantly regretting it I check the time on my phone.


Sighing I roll back round and stare at the small crack in the eggshell paint on my bedroom wall. I’ve always thought it looked a bit like the plough constellation and tonight it seems even more poignant.

For its only at this time of the night a deep part of your mind suddenly awakens. Silly ideas flash past and suddenly in my head I’m picturing the sky, the stars and thinking of who might be out looking at it right now. Right this second. And why they are awake too.

Who else can’t sleep? Who else has been tossing and turning with their eyes shut in a hopeful manner? Hoping by just closing their eyelids their mind will automatically shut down. Thinking perhaps the racing thoughts might stop. Are they feeling lonely too?

Tonight I’m having no luck. It’s at moments like this when you feel alone in the dark you suddenly realise maybe someone, somewhere is feeling exactly like you.

And that’s a comfort in its self.


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