As I suit up once again I feel exhausted. How many times must I pull on the thick, metallic cladding I wear before its safe to approach the opposition with my white flag?

As I walk into battle my legs are weary. I’m laden with the heavy clunky shield that must be worn to protect me as it has done in the past.

I adjust my visor so I can see as clearly as someone so blinded by past conflict can.
It may seem a tad over cautious. It may seem hasty. But as I hit the front line I’m comforted by my armour.

The arrows of doubt bounce off me and I feel safe knowing my heart is protected by the force field I have built around me.

I’ve lost many battles of the heart in my life.
But I am determined to win the war.



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2 responses to “Battlefield

  1. First rule of war; empathize with the enemy x

  2. Really beautiful writing Lexi. Love it!

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