Another overheard conversation about love…


I was sat in a pub waiting for a friend the other day. For once I wasn’t the one running late.

Moments like this are rare for me, so I sat back in the big comfy arm chair by the window lost in my own thoughts. Watching the world go by.

But, as per usual something happening at the table next to me seemed to draw my attention and I ended up indulging in my favourite hobby – eaves dropping.

“I’ve been married 24 years.” said a one middle aged man in a suit proudly as he took a large sip from his Guinness. He was a skinny man, with a receding hairline and glasses. This statement was said with a very genuine smile.

“You sad sad man” said his companion companion abruptly; a larger rather red-faced middle aged man in a suit.
This seemed to shock our bespectacled friend.

He searched his mind carefully before responding.
“Actually it’s been really quite wonderful.” he looked to the ceiling as he said this, in a thankful manner. He seemed very sweet indeed.

“Sounds about as wonderful as nailing your scrotum to the table” laughed the charming fat-red-faced-man and downed the rest of his pint. He got up from their table, which jolted slightly as his giant belly tried to squeeze past the side as he went to get another round in.

As he walked to the bar Mr Spectacles got out his phone and made a call.

“Hello, its me. I was just ringing up to see how your day was going? I was thinking tonight I’d take you out for dinner once I finish up with Steve. How does that sound?”

I’m not sure what her response was. But I bet she thought it was a lovely idea.


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