Rush Hour Romeo.


There is nothing more boring than the tube during rush hour. An elbow digging into your back, whilst attempting to avoid your face being smashed in by a Kindle.

In the summer it’s even more unpleasant especially at my height as you tend to end up with your head wedged under someone else’s armpit.

In these bleak times we all look for something to brighten up the journey. Mine recently is in the form of a very handsome man who must live somewhere near me.

Most mornings I’ll see him as I arrive at the station. We always catch each other’s eye and smile. It’s been so regular of late that we have now reached the ‘smile and nod’ stage.

Problem with having a flirtation with a guy on public transport is that there’s never an appropriate way to start conversation. This particular situation had gone way beyond even trying to pretend to ask the time or for directions.

Then this morning it all changed.
I arrived at the station at 7am. I looked for him as I touched in my oyster. No where to be seen. Obviously not going to see him today.
The train pulled into the platform and I boarded. I wedged myself right by the door as the beeping noise indicated the doors were about the close.

Then I saw him.
In the distance.
Running to make the tube.

Everything went into slow motion.
I could almost hear his heart pounding as he ran. His propelled himself forward and stepped onto my carriage just in time. Suddenly, as the doors slammed shut his backpack got wedged in the door. I had to do something!

So, using all my might I wrenched the door back open long enough so that he could free his bag from the jaws of the carriage. I was a hero! And it became clear we finally had the chance to speak. This could be the start of a beautiful story.

“Thanks,” he said as he looked at me with his beautiful dark eyes. “You are a bit like the Incredible Hulk”

Well… that ruined it.



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3 responses to “Rush Hour Romeo.

  1. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
    The Incredible Hulk isn’t all bad – when he’s not green and smashing things he’s very intelligent and reserved.

  2. jackie

    Were you wearing tattered green shorts?

  3. MBE

    Carry a pudding, and don’t mention socks – or babysitting. That’s what my brief encounters on public transport have taught me!

    Looking forward to the sequel 🙂 .

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