Seeking sunshine.

There are times where we’re longing for the comfort and warmth that we can get from the sunshine.

Sometimes we wait so long we think it’ll never come and resign ourselves to the fact we’re going to have to get used to mediocre substandard cloudy skies we’ve known for so long.

Then BANG! Out of no where the clouds part and your stunned by the rays of sunshine that you’d long forgotten.

It hits you so brightly and suddenly that you aren’t sure how to handle it. It makes you all hot and bothered. It can startle you and make you feel uneasy.

But slowly you’ll realise how nice it is to be greeted by it in the morning. How lovely it is to have its warmth wrapping itself around you. You feel you can do things that maybe the clouds held you back from doing. You suddenly find you feel free.

The sunshine is finally back in your life and its more than welcome to stay.


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  1. I read this and then thought of this!!!…

    Good read 🙂

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