That’s Not My Name

Wedding season is in full swing and at the weekend I was very much in the swing of attending one. Attending the wedding as a singleton has its ups and downs. It was a lovely ceremony and I did indeed shed a tear. Seeing two people dedicating themselves to each other is enough to melt even the hardest heart. It also makes me hope for a similar moment of my own one day. Not necessarily getting married, but just feeling as happy as the smiles beaming across the newly-weds’ faces.

You’d think the downside to attending the wedding without a date would be that I felt lonely. Or that I was condemning myself to a life of cats, ice cream tubs and crying in front of Katherine Heigl movies. Wrong.

The biggest downside to attending a wedding for a single person?
Other single people.

I was having a lovely time. The food was amazing, the champagne was flowing, I was surrounded by my family and great friends. They even played 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. It was wonderful.

Then he approached.

The single man.

We conversed and got along well.
He seemed like a very nice chap indeed.
We had a little dance.
A bit of a flirt.
And then he sealed his own fate.

As the night drew to a close, the stars twinkled in the sky above and he looked me deep in the eyes, leant in close and softly said;

“Olivia, I’d love to get your phone number.”

“That’s lovely. But I’m afraid I’m not called Olivia.”

“Oh shit. Sorry Caroline.”

“That’s not my name either.”

“Oh fuck…Susan?”

Funnily enough, he never got my number.


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  1. Your blogs always make me smile Lexi. Some sunshine into my day.

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