Girl Talk.

Sunny afternoons are just perfect for a bowl chips, a beer garden and a catch up with an old friend.

Especially when you both have a lot of gossip to share.

Whilst we whiled away the hours together regaling sordid tales of what ‘we’d been up to’ it came to our attention that we may have been talking quite loudly.

Ok, very loudly, laughing until we cried at each other’s outrageous antics.

But it wasn’t until I caught the eye of a bemused slightly older gentleman behind me that it had dawned on me that people could potentially hear every word.

The older gentleman’s wife looked even more bemused, and her arms were very purposefully folded. I don’t think she was enjoying the tales of debauchery I witnessed on tour. Or my friend’s lurid tales about the hunky man she met at the gym.

The wife was so unimpressed she very audibly tutted.

The wife was so intimidating that my friend trailed off mid-story and we quietly ate our chips. The beer garden was pretty quiet, making me wonder just how many people had listened into the conversation.

I was relieved when we then overheard another table talking.

Some dude was going into gory detail with the lads about his mole removal gone wrong last Wednesday (on his lower back in case you were wondering). Around me I could notice people were being massively put off their food. It’s funny how little you realise how public your conversations can be. Not to mention the impact they have on others.

I think the whole lunch-eating pub secretly agreed the conversation my friend and I were having was far more entertaining. And I think they’re all probably still wondering what exactly did happen with the hunky man from the gym…


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