Lost property.

A good t-shirt is hard to come by these days. In a sea of terrible graphics, awful slogans and the cringe-worthy fake logos (Have Cock written across your chest in the Coke font will never be funny nor socially acceptable) the world is crying out for some decent t shirts. Sadly, when you find those precious few simply awesome t shirts… it seems that for some people – it’s too much to handle. They see an awesome t shirt and they must HAVE IT. Even if the t shirt belongs to some one else. Like… me.

I’ve loved and lost some pretty awesome t shirts. T shirts I’ve had over the years that have gone walkies or been “borrowed” and never given back. So friends, Romans, family and ex boyfriends of the world. Here are my top five t shirts I’ve loved… then lost.

Give them back bitches…

1. The Thundercats T Shirt.

ImageMy beloved Thundercats t shirt. Purchased in Camden as a skint student circa 2006…
Lost around the time we the now legendary “Heroes and Villans Party” at my student house in New Cross around 2007…

2. Van Fuckin’ Halen


Another amazing uni purchase from a market in Brick Lane.
Last known location was Download Festival 2008. Sigh.
What a t shirt. Have never found another to replace it.

2. Boop Oop Be Doop…


So. Not the greatest photo of it. Or of me. But this was the GREATEST Betty Boop t shirt I owned.
Brought home from LA by Pa Rose circa 1997. It went missing around the summer of 2001.
I’ve never really gotten over it. Even though it would be FAR too small now.

4. Beat It… 


Yeah. So I bought a t shirt identical to the one MJ wore in the Beat It Video for someone else in 2010.
Then kept it. Cause it looked awesome on me.
Then it went missing one night in 2012. I’m pretty sure who took it.
Yeah that’s right tea leaf… I see you.

5. All Killer No Filler


Bought outside Brixton Academy after my first ever gig in 2001. I loved it. Then lost it.
The summer it went missing I had a Spanish Exchange. He took all my Sum 41 posters off my bedroom wall cause he didn’t like them. Pretty sure he must’ve burnt it on a bonfire somewhere.

That’s it.
They were all wonderful and are dearly missed.

If you have one of them… feel free to return no questions asked!
If not… just take good care of it.

Ps – while we’re on the subject I’ve also lost this leather jacket and trainers (as modelled by me on the left)
Went missing around 2009.

Maybe I should stop losing things…


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  1. The Heroes and Villains party with the interlopers? I bet it was them. I think I accidentally “permanently borrowed” your Next leggings that night on a side note, unintentionally of course!

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