Vive la McConaisance!

I’ve been a McConaughbabe for years.


All people saw was a cheesy, surfer man who made terrible movies and didn’t own any t shirts. Then something wonderful happened. McConaughey learnt what a good script was and showed the world: THE MAN CAN ACT.

While people remained baffled at my love of McConaughey I remained baffled at how they couldn’t see what I saw. People laughed at me when I said Matthew McConaughey was a special man who would find there was a world beyond terrible films and taking his top off. But holy Kevin Bacon has he been the biggest source of entertainment along the way!

Here are some reasons why we should have all loved Matthew McConaughey from the start…

Yes! Matthew McConaughey has had a brush with the law. But not for a DUI or shoplifting like every other standard boring Hollywood arrest. The man was arrested for playing his beloved bongos. Naked.

McConaughey loves Latinas
This interview is hilarious.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon went around the chat show circuit doing impressions of Matthew McConaughey. Letterman in particular loved them.
McConaughey was, of course, a true gent about it.

Karaoke King
This scene.

That perfume advert…

“The One” – Dolce and Gabana. I’m not explaining why this is a reason to love Matthew McConaughey. Just watch it. If you don’t get it… your loss.

Mixmaster Magic Mike
McConaughey has been writing rap music. LEGEND.
Here’s a sneak peak of his rhymes from a recent interview.

Rollin’ through yellow lights on my skateboard,
Kiss the fire and walk away whistlin’.

And on top of all this – now it is being recognised he IS a great actor.

So lets all embrace the McConaissance and give the man an Oscar… especially if this is a taste of things to come for his acceptance speech…


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