Bad Hair of the World Cup 2014

Having World Cup withdrawl? I am too.

So I thought I’d share a special list I’ve made over the past few weeks, to help you relive the best part of the World Cup… the TERRIBLE hair cuts.

So… here we go… in no particular order (because they’re ALL awful) my favourite World Cup bad hair cuts.

Die Serey

Whilst I’m Serey about the hair…
…I’m not Serey for all the puns you’re about to read…

Die Serey


Brazil Soccer WCup Cameroon Croatia


Fellaini’s fro was a particular highlight… so bouncy.



This is how my hair looks first thing… and this is not a good thing, Diego.
Forlan’s hair is making me feel forlorn.



Come on now.
You gotta be Khedir-ing me…



You gotta love Beckerman.
The sexy pirate.



I hope there are Neymar visits booked to that barber, dude…



It took me watching the entire world cup to spy the tiniest dreadlock rumoured to live on this man’s head. I only finally saw it during the final. It was worth the wait. And as awful as I’d hoped.


Bad Hair Team Award: France

Props to the stylish French… Pogba, Sagna and Debuchy did you proud with these barnets…




Best look-a-like: David Luiz

Anyone else find that David Luiz reminds them of Jennifer Grey circa 1986? Luiz Jennifer_Grey

2014’s Most Improved Award…

 And finally – a special mention for for Lionel Messi…
But I do miss the 2006 ‘mum put a bowl over my head’ look…

messi improved

Long may footballers have terrible hair.

It entertains me so much.

Bring on 2018.



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One response to “Bad Hair of the World Cup 2014

  1. Nobody puts David Luiz in a corner… which could be a problem given his job. 🙂

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