Angered by the outcome of Election 2015? The fight isn’t over.

Well that’s that. Election 2015 is done and dusted.
We’ve cast our votes and the results have flooded in over night.

This morning I’ve been bombarded facebook updates, tweets and overheard others lamenting the results. It’s true, the result of the election is not what I wanted either, but sadly that’s the way our voting system works.

But before you sigh, shrug and move on with your lives I have one plea: remember how angry you are today. Remember this feeling. Get a piece of paper and a pen right now and write down the things that worry you most about today’s result. Stick them on your fridge or next to your computer screen and vow to fight for those things.

If you’re out there today saying the voting system doesn’t work, I hope you are aware that a referendum on proportional representation voting was the first thing the Lib Dems demanded in the coalition… and basically were forced to sacrifice tuition fees for it.

The tragedy is only 40% of the country actually turned out to vote and most of them were Tory supporters who like the voting system the way it is. We need to stop looking behind us and start looking forward. Perhaps if many people feel we need to change the way we vote we need a new referendum on it. Maybe more people would show up this time and be heard? But unless we fight for it ourselves we won’t get it. We won’t have a Nick Clegg figure to push for it on our behalf this time around.

If you’re worried about the privatisation of the NHS, you can be heard. Make sure you hit the streets and protest to save our NHS. The Tories can’t ignore a whole nation crying out for their health care. But they can if we all just sit back and accept it the way it is. Write to your local MP. Sign petitions. You only but blame yourselves if you don’t do enough to push back on policies that negatively impact you.

There will more than likely be a referendum on Europe. If you are horrified by the number of people voting for UKIP then you need to make sure you show up for that referendum. That’s the only way to ensure we stay in the EU is by being proactive.

The welfare state is tipped to be hit the hardest by the Tory government. If you feel this is unjust and unfair then you need to make sure you stand up for the vulnerable. Join the marches and pledge to fight the cuts. If you were in trouble you’d hope someone would stand up and support you so make sure you do the same for those who need you.

It’s all very well to sit and grumble about today’s result. But just make sure you retain your anger and use your energy and voice to make sure you’re damn well heard. Because that’s all that will work. People power. Pushing for what you believe. Don’t bury your head in the sand.

But whatever you do don’t forget this moment and how angry you are today.

If people out there stay as angry as they are this morning then perhaps we’ll actually get somewhere in the next five years.


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